Ausstellung (zusammen mit der Künstlerin Katja Jug), im Rahmen von urbansurprise, dem neuen Programm “Kunst und Architektur“ in den Schaffhauser Kunstkästen

Die sechs Kästen werden mit je einem Foto ausgestattet. Die Fotos zeigen Wohnsituationen. Die Kästen ermöglichen dadurch Einblicke in gleichzeitig alltägliche und intime (private) Orte, die normalerweise dem öffentlichen Blick entzogen sind. Der Stadtraum von Schaffhausen wird somit als Bühne genutzt, um den Wohnalltag von anderen Leuten zu zeigen. Die vielfach zitierte Durchdringung von privater […]


Seminar “The Urban Passive House“, Accademia di architettura, Università della Svizzera italiana, Mendrisio, Switzerland

The urban passive house which we want to examine in this research seminar is not an isolated building any more but one that is closely interconnected with its urban contexts and embedded in its city quarter. The urban passive house is in a cultural, social, and ecological exchange with its surroundings. Accordingly, the investigations of […]


Article “Anthropologische Theorie der Konstruktion“, reprint of an extract of the book “Weltkonstruktion“, in arch+, N° 221, p. 14-15.

Hassan Fathys Diktum, Architektur beschäftige sich nicht mit Gebäuden, sondern mit Gebäuden und Menschen – »Architecture deals with human beings and buildings, not just buildings«  – bringt emblematisch ein Architekturverständnis auf den Punkt, das bereits mit Gottfried Sempers Projekt einer »vergleichenden Baulehre«, dem lange angekündigten aber unrealisierten dritten Band des Stils, seine konzeptionellen Anfänge genommen […]


Release of the FCL magazine (special issue) “Natural Ventilation, Revisited. Pioneering a New Climatisation Culture, edited by Sascha Roesler, Singapore-ETH Centre, Singapore Nov. 2015.

When it comes to cooling and heating buildings, many parts of the world are still imitating 20th century practices. As a discipline, architecture continues to be bound to a paradigm of comfort whose emergence was closely connected with the use of oil. The familiar result − while providing homogeneously air-conditioned rooms and improved technical understanding […]


Lecture on ‘Surreal Architecture. Habitat Marocain in the light of Open Building Theory’, at the Chair for Architecture and Design, Urban Mutations on the Edge Seminar, 10/26/2015, Prof. Marc Angélil, ETH Zurich

Recognizing the three buildings of Habitat Marocain not as a finished architectural work but as a transformable structure means acknowledging an empirical fact that is valid and visible throughout the world, but especially in the Global South—namely, that buildings are subject to a constant process of appropriation by their users. For about sixty years, Habitat […]

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Release of the book ‘Habitat Marocain Documents’, edited by Sascha Roesler, Park Books, Zurich 2015.

This publication presents a kind of dossier on Habitat Marocain (a collection of various materials). Given the significance of this key project in culture-specific modern architecture, a publication devoted to its design has long been a desideratum. The approach taken here, moreover, reflects the fact that in order to fully appreciate the project, we need […]

Swiss National Science Foundation professorship for popular architecture and urbanization

Sascha Roesler has been awarded one of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) professorships 2015, in the discipline “Architecture and Urbanism”. The subject of his research will be the ‘urban passive house’ from a cross-cultural perspective.


Lecture on “Natural Ventilation, revisited”, Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE) “Whose Tradition?”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In what follows I would like to address the conceptual gap between the housing providing state and the apartment owning residents. My thesis is that for an understanding of the todays ventilation practice in Singapore’s HDB settlements this conceptual gap between the state and the resident-owners is crucial. By the privatization of the apartments, HDB […]